About Innovencio

Innovencio and innovation

”Innovative ideas for a better world that come to full fruition with a subsidy, is what we work for every day! ”We believe it is time for a new and better version of the world. And that you, the entrepreneur or organization, have the knowlegde and technology to make a valuable contribution to this. Every day we passionately use our expertise and experience to finance your project or idea. By finding the optimal subsidy and project guidance. Welcome to Innovencio! ”

Experts in Subsidies 

Innovencio was founded in 2012 by Liesbeth Kraaijveld with the aim of improving subsidiy advice. A twofold improvement to be precise. First of all, by bringing more specific knowlegde and added value to subsidy applications. And not just to be a conduit for subsidies. Secondly, by looking for the most optimal subsidy for each project or idea, without opting for the easiest – bulk- route. It is not without reason that we are Experts in Subsidies. Translating an idea or ambition into a correct subsidy application is a profession in itself. We know all about this. As an entrepreneur, you often speak a language that is different from subsidy language, even if you mean the same thing. And because of this, promising ideas and projects are often unnecessarily lost. Experience has taught us that an expert significantly increases the chance of success of your subsidy application. And that, in addition to finding the most suitable subsidy and worry-free project management, it adds value to your idea and company.

Be proud of your work! 

”As an entrepreneur you often do not realize that you are missing opportunities because the easy subsidy route is often chosen. This upsets me. I want to be proud of my team’s work and I won’t be proud until we bring your project to a success. I dare say that we take on challenges that others shy away from. Such as routes with higher risks that are less obvious. But this is where we add a lot of value. I can say with a big smile that we are very successful in this! Want to get acquainted or want to know more? I cordially invite you for a personal subsidy discussion. ” Liesbeth Kraaijveld and team Innovencio

More possibilities with subsidies

Do you have progressive ideas in the field of sustainability or innovation? And are you looking for stimulating financing for this? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because in short, our strength is to translate your idea into a successful subsidy application. And more than that. We are Experts in Subidies and make a difference through our extensive expertise, experience and passion. We see it as a challenge not only to link your idea to a suitable subisidy, but to take it to a higher level. We know from experience that it is difficult for entrepreneurs or organizations to realize their innovative dream all by themselves. Maybe you recognize this and are not sure what your next step is at the moment? Then it is valuable to have a partner with subsidy expertise. A partner who helps shape your idea and finds suitable financing for you in the form of a subsidy or credit.

Your suitable subsidy

Innovencio is your partner in innovation. We will supervise your project and write your subsidy application. In addition, we are happy to open up our large and valuable network of knowlegde institutions and partners to you. But even more importantly, we can use the right knowlegde and experience to convert your ambition into a suitable subsidy application. Furthermore, we can also support you with project management once your subsidy has been awarded.

Would you like more information about whether your idea has a chance of receiving a subsidy? Request a personal subsidy interview here.

Our core values


We know from experience that only truly innovative ideas have a chance of receiving a subsidy. Thanks to our different specializations and backgrounds, we make a correct assessment and translation of your idea and convert it into an innovative concept. The subsidy application that we draw up together is therefore thorough and yes, innovative.


We believe in every subsidy application we write, otherwise we wouldn’t start it. We like to work pragmatically. Our approach is clear, realistic, simple and, above all, results-oriented. For every innovative idea, we look for the most suitable subsidy and provide optimal project management.


We are involved in the world of tomorrow and the entrepreneurs who work on it. We have a kind of antenna in this: we maintain a sustainable relationship with you as a customer and are aware of new developments in subsidy countries. With all new subsidy options on our radar, we would like to point out your subsidy opportunities.



We strongly believe in collaboration and connection. This means that we work closely with you as a customer, but also with other experts in our network. The best innovations often arise from collaborations between parties with different expertise, which is why we are happy to open our valuable network to you.