The Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) is one of the schemes resulting from the Dutch Climate Agreement.

The Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) focuses on stimulating demonstration and pilot projects of innovative technologies that contribute to achieving climate goals in a cost-efficient way.

Submitting an application is interesting due to the following reasons:

    • With a DEI+ subsidy, costs regarding the demonstration and implementation of innovations within a realistic environment are subsidized; 
    • The DEI+ subsidy has a total budget of €74.6 million euros in the year 2022, thereby creating plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs who develop innovative technologies to save energy or reduce CO2-emissions. 
Henk van Rossum

Henk van Rossum


Wondering if your project qualifies for the DEI+ or another sustainability grant? I will gladly help you.

The DEI+ focuses on the following 7 themes:

  • Natural gas-free homes, neighborhoods and buildings;
  • Circular economy (only for large projects subsidised for over €3 million);
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Flexibility of the energy system, including pilot projects for hydrogen;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Local infrastructure;
  • Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS);
  • Any other measures that reduces CO2 emissions in the built environment, or the electricity or production industries

What kind of projects are there?

The projects within the DEI+ can be subdivided in:

  1. Pilot project – a new technology can be tested and improved in a test set-up, reflecting a realistic situation. Eligible costs in a pilot project are mainly costs regarding experimental development. Costs regarding investments can be included based on depreciation for as long as the project lasts. 
  2. Demonstration project – investments regarding the installation of a production-facility (which will remain in-use after the project is finished) are made. Eligible costs in a demonstration project are the additional, higher investment costs pertaining to the costs of the most common alternative. 

When to apply?

The DEI+ 2022 is open until 10 January 2023. Evaluation of proposals is based on the ‘first come, first served’ principle: each application that meets the requirements will be approved. Once the budget is exhausted, the scheme will be closed for further applications.

Opening 2023

The DEI+ budget becomes available in April 2023.

What does it mean financially?

  • The maximum amount of subsidy lies between 9 and 15 million euros, depending on the theme;
  • The subsidy percentages have a range from 25% to 50%, dependent on both the type of the project and the theme. Small and medium-sized enterprises receive additional subsidy: 10% for medium-sized enterprises and 20% for small enterprises; 
  • Eligible costs within the DEI+ are, amongst others: labor costs, (raw) materials and depreciation costs (buildings and equipment used during the project);
  • Labor costs are calculated by making use of a forfait rate of €60/hour.

What are the criteria?

The main criterion is that the project fits  within one of the themes defined within the DEI+ scheme. In addition, the following matters are important:

  • The project must contribute to the transition within the Netherlands to become more sustainable. Specifically: projects with high CO2-savings, at the lowest possible cost prices;
  • The project must be of high-quality. This indicates a project containing a) a demonstrable level of innovative and b) a well-written, substantiated project proposal; 
  • Technical working mechanisms of the technical innovation must be demonstrated by means of reports/preliminary research (proof of principle);
  • Projects have a maximum duration of 4 years;
  • The applicant can demonstrate that the non-subsidized part will be accounted for.

Why involve Innovencio in your grant application?

Innovencio can offer you these relevant points:

  • Active customer approach
    We maintain regular contact with our clients and are therefore aware of their plans regarding research and development. This enables us to approach our client early on when we learn of ideas that meet the DEI+ criteria.
  • Broad experience and knowledge
    Because of the years of experience and expertise of our consultants, we know exactly how to formulate your project application. In addition, we are well aware of what is and is not covered by the scheme. This way, your project has the greatest possible chance of success.
  • Extensive guidance
    We provide extensive guidance both during the application process and after the grant has been awarded. As a sparring partner and application writer, we give you the best possible chance of success. After the grant has been awarded, we will inform you about the next steps and administrative obligations.
  • No-cure, no-pay
    You only pay us when your application is succesful.


If you would like more information, please contact Henk van Rossum.

DEI succes story: Ioniqa

View Ioniqa in our portfolio!

One of our success stories is the DEI+ we successfully submitted for Ioniqa: a company that is working on a chemical process for PET recycling. With the help of the DEI+ grant, they were able to carry out a pilot project to further improve and develop their technology.

DEI+ (Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation)