MIT is a subsidy programme that aims to stimulate innovation in small and medium-sized businesses where different areas of technology collaborate.

Due to the limited budget and the often tight application period, a focus on quality is of great importance. The subsidy has two variants. In addition to the MIT R&D Collaboration, there is also the MIT Feasibility Project. Submitting a MIT R&D subsidy application is attractive for three reasons:

  • Innovation is taken to the next level when SME entrepreneurs collaborate on an MIT R&D collaborative project;
  • Thorough research, possibly supplemented with experimental development, can be a (too) large investment for SMEs. It is precisely these costs that are supported by both MIT variants;
  • The subsidy is paid out in cash, which can be the push to actually realize an innovation.
Kees Vernooij

Kees Vernooij

MIT Expert

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What applies to all  MIT variations?


Via the MIT subsidy programme, RVO promotes innovation by SME’s. The focus is on research prior to actual innovation. This implies mapping out whether the innovation is feasible, for example, or what the development possibilities of new products are.

The budget for MIT is determined every year, both for national and regional applications. The application period and rules differ per year. Indeed, sometimes RVO sets a strict deadline, while other times it follows the ‘first come first served’ principle.

Due to the limited budget and the often tight application period, there is a strong focus on quality.

The MIT R&D Collaboration programme


MIT R&D Collaboration promotes collaboration between SME entrepreneurs who innovate or develop products, production processes or services in one of the top sectors. A collaboration consists of industrial research and/or experimental development, such as developing a prototype.

The subsidy opens on the 1st of June 2022. The deadline is the 13th of September 2022.

What are the criteria?


Both national and regional budgets are available. The applications are assessed on the basis of a tender methodology: only the best proposals receive a subsidy. Applications get more points if:

  • Further technological innovation or new applications of an existing product, process or service are expected;
  • More economic value is created for the participants in the partnership, in the relevant top sectors or the Dutch economy;
  • The quality of the collaboration is high, which is reflected in the complementarity of the participants, their capacities and the quality of the project organisation;
  • There are more cross-sectoral combinations or non-conventional combinations of sectors.

What does the MIT R&D Collaboration programme mean financially?


The amount awarded from the MIT is  deposited into your bank account.

The subsidy goes from € 50,000 to € 200,000, and covers 35% of the total project costs.

For collaborating entrepreneurs, each participant can apply for a minimum of 25,000 and a maximum of 100,000 euros per project.

However, one participant may not bear more than 70% of the costs.

The collaborative project needs to last no more than 2 years.

Why involve Innovencio in your MIT application?


Innovencio shines light on a number of relevant points:

  • Additional subsidy after WBSO:

For each WBSO application, we check whether a project also qualifies for MIT. Because we already know your project, we can estimate whether it stands a chance for a MIT grant application. MIT can then serve as an additional subsidy to the WBSO. Two birds, one stone!

  • Active approach to the customer

Due to the varying application times and the used ‘first come first served’ principle, it is important to write and submit a MIT application on time. Sometimes this has to be done in a short period of time. Because we maintain close contact with our customers and are well aware of their developments, we can approach you in a targeted manner if we see that your innovative idea meets the criteria of MIT.

  • High success rate in MIT applications

The quality that we set as the standard for our applications has proved itself. In recent years, a big majority of the applications we submitted to MIT have been successful. Because our success rate is so high, a quarter of the MIT applications for the South region are submitted to our office!

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